// Java 3D is dead (again). Long live Java 3D! ;-)

It was like a deja-vu for me as I read this announcement about the future plans of the Java 3D scenegraph API. It is already the second time the development of Java 3D has been set to 'maintenance mode' and stopped for any further improvements.

But this time it is not bad at all. Why?

"Specifically, we are working on a new 3D scene graph, as part of the JavaFX player, that will complement the 2D Scenario scene graph. Its initial focus will be 3D effects, casual games, and simple 3D viewing applications..."

OK. But what about projects like Wonderland which use Java 3D and are no "simple 3D viewing applications"?

It is getting even better: Project Wonderland announces the complete move to the JMonkeyEngine!

"As part of our recent review of Wonderland, which resulted in the API
cleanup tasks that are now underway, we also took a long look at our
graphics subsystem. Our main goal here was to ensure we could create a
very rich 3D experience. We also reviewed the tool chain for creating and importing
content into Wonderland. After careful consideration by the Wonderland
team, and discussion with the Java 3D team we have decided that
Wonderland will be best served by moving to the JMonkeyEngine scene
graph API... "

Now it is getting very interesting. Wonderland was always in my opinion a far to advanced project to be limited to the visual and design constrains of Java 3D (watch the videos!). The JMonkeyEngine is a full featured 3D (game) engine already used by professional game companies (NCsoft...).

Still not happy?

then be patient and wait for Java 3D 1.5.2 (maintenance release) which will be relicensed to a dual GPLv2 + CP ex license.


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