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I am Michael Bien and this is my new weblog.

A few words about me. I am freelancer, and project owner of the NetBeans OpenGL Pack, the project FishFarm and JOGL (JSR 231 - Java Bindings to OpenGL) committer. You will find here hopefully interesting blog entries about Java, computer graphics, open source software and new technologies.

have fun with Java and enjoy reading!


Hi Michael, I was looking for implementations of mesh triangulations in Java and I arrived to your Web blog. I observed you are using triangulation of surfaces. Is it developed in Java? Is it possible to access this code?
Thank you in advance,

Posted by Marcelo Gilman on January 18, 2008 at 06:51 PM CET #

Hi Marcelo,

>I observed you are using triangulation of surfaces. Is it developed in Java?<
Yes metaverse uses triangulation for realtime view dependent refinement of the terrain mesh (100% Java). It is based on ROAM (realtime optimally adapting meshes) but has been extended to be used for spherical or flat but infinite surfaces.

But to be honest there is not much of the initial ROAM algorithm left (it was not scaling good enough for my requirements.

>Is it possible to access this code?<
No sorry, it is not open source. It is a one man project with a lot of not documented but optimised code :D
I also have currently no time to maintain another open source project.

but you may search for jMonkey Engine, Xith3D, Java3D or the JOGL tesselator - I think all of them have at least one triangulation implementation.


Posted by Michael Bien on January 18, 2008 at 08:29 PM CET #

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